Cultivating Inner Strength

August 25, 2014
Cultivating Inner Strength

The way out of fear is through your heart. Have the strength to go inward.

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I have learned that if I am willing to be willing to have a healing it changes everything.  When I can add to that little willingness a desire to really wake up and be my true self then I invoke the IAM.  I AM has the power to move through the most entrenched patterns of negativity, self-abuse, despair, depression, fear, anger, hurt, shame, resentment and guilt.

The biggest mistake I made for so long was that I was more focused on studying and learning spiritual principle then I was in applying it and truly living it.  That’s why I put my full focus on that in all my classes.

Everything that we think we can learn is already within our awareness.  Learning something actually is remembering and re-cognizing.   It’s time for re-cognize how powerful we are.  No matter how helpless or hopeless you might feel the spark of divinity within you is millions of times more powerful than your belief in lack.

A Course in Miracles tells us  “Nothing real can be threatened”

You can’t understand that or believe it until you’re willing to LIVE it and practice it.  Waking up is so much faster than we think when we cultivate these three things:


Today, will you actively Partner UP! and choose to let the I AM lead the way?  Will you let the Holy Spirit guide you?  Or will you recycle the same thoughts and beliefs from yesterday?

Today can be a healing, clearing, expansive day, or it can be a repeat of yesterday.

You choose.
And you don’t choose just once.
You choose again, and again, and again, and again.
No one can do that part for you – although the I AM is always there to do it with you.  The I AM is that Higher Holy Spirit Self.
It’s like doing reps at the gym.
Keep repeating that lift and strengthening that muscle and you will transform into the most gorgeous expression of your divine self.
It’s easier with a personal trainer.
The Higher Holy Spirit Self is your personal trainer available 24hr for spiritual fitness training.

We do it one rep at a time.
Welcome each rep.
Be grateful that each choice IS awakening your life.
Gratitude magnetizes the good.
Gratitude opens your heart to more healing.
Be grateful the kingdom is within and you have a divine partner to help you find it.

We do it together!

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We’re doing it together and I’m so grateful for that!  If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter let’s other know?  Thank you!

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