Focus on Abundance

August 4, 2014

Celebrating life abundantly in Glastonbury near St. Michael’s Tor

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Abundance is our natural state.
Abundance is our true identity.

We experience lack because we have a belief in lack. I have truly had to work with my mind to eliminate thoughts of lack and limitation. I recognize old variations on the the themes of lack and limitation bubbling up in my awareness for healing on a regular basis.

Many of us were raised by people who lived through the “great depression.” I know for me personally, my grand parents, great grandparents and great great grandparents definitely experienced poverty and the terror of life-threatening poverty. They lived through times where they literally had no idea how they would survive.

Poverty taught my ancestors how to be grateful for little things, and they taught that to me too. Being grateful for little things AND big things increases your prosperity consciousness tremendously!

Whenever I’ve counseled someone who was really concerned about abundance they weren’t focused on abundance, they were focused on lack. They were focused on limitation and so they experienced what they were focused on.

If you’d like to increase your abundance, focus on abundance. It may seem obvious or even too simplistic, but it works.

Here are some very practical steps: have a practice of making offerings and tithes. I make offerings of all kinds of things. I smudge my house most days, offering smoke and prayers. I make offerings of water and blessing water and I water the plants and bless them and make offerings of praise and appreciation to their beauty and inspiration in my life. I make gratitude offerings and tithe offerings and offerings of service every day, and I do mean, EVERY day.

If you’re constantly focused on lack, start to focus on being VERY grateful for everything you have and enjoy!

Look around your home and see if you’re hoarding things you don’t need or even really want, just because you’re thinking that you might come upon hard times and need that stuff to fall back on – is that really what you’d like to energize?

I have given thousands of dollars worth of books to the library and to the good will and to anyone who wants them because I knew I really wasn’t ever going to use them again. I have had parties with my girlfriends where we brought all the clothes that we didn’t wear and swapped clothes. I gave away thousands of dollars worth of clothes and jewelry and receive thousands of dollars worth in return. The great thing was that I didn’t want what I gave away and I loved what I received. Every time I saw my friends wearing my gorgeous clothes and looking so great in them I felt so happy!!! I didn’t feel happy when those clothes were hanging in my closet not being used. In fact, when I’d see them in my closet I’d actually feel a sense of upset because I’d spent so much money on something I wasn’t using. Giving it away freed me from an excuse to judge myself! Now, that’s POWERFUL medicine! Give yourself the gift of giving away what you don’t need, want or use! Clear that clutter!

It is not natural to hoard things. It isn’t natural to focus on lack. Those are fear-based beliefs that we can release FOREVER! I’ve changed so much, I can hardly believe it!

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We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts. I’m so grateful for this! If you find what I’m sharing is helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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