Living A Miraculous Life

August 5, 2014

So true!! No wonder I love flowers so much!

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Here in England, the house I’m staying in has quite a few spiders. So, I have an active “catch and release” program that involves a glass and a piece of cardboard. Usually, about three times a day, on average, I escort a spider outside.

Occasionally, the capture part doesn’t go so well and there’s a casualty. I find it really bothers me. I don’t judge myself, so there’s nothing to forgive. I practice compassion, which is loving understanding. My intention is high and sometimes the spiders panic and it just doesn’t go as I would wish.

Yesterday, I captured a spider while I was on a conference call. I didn’t wish to leave the call to go outside with the spider and so I left it under the glass on the cardboard for later and then I forgot about it for at least an hour. When I went to go take the spider outside, as soon as I got near to where it was, I could feel it was freaking out. Indeed, when I saw it, it was scratching at the side of the glass, desperate to get out. Again, my compassion kicked in and I felt badly that I’d forgotten and this poor little creature was freaking out for the last hour.

I recognize that some people might think I’m crazy and that I should definitely kill the spiders. I don’t like having them in my house, but I don’t feel that I have the right to kill them. And yes, I do eat meat and fish. I used to be a vegetarian.

Life has lots of choices. Every choice we make creates an energy that goes before us. It surrounds us. Just like when you throw a stone in a pond, it ripples out. I’m interested in only sending out waves of Love and compassion. And Joy! And Harmony and Peace. Well, you get it.

I’m dedicated to living A Course in Miracles. I’m dedicated to the Truth that sets us free. And that includes everything. I fail sometimes, but I start again, right away and don’t look back. Compassion is now. Love is now. And Love is my healer!

Love is what makes life miraculous!

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