September 20, 2014

I prefer the peace of a Greek sunset to the flare of anger and upset!

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For years I used to fan the internal flames of upset. I would get angry, hurt, resentful, and frustrated and then take it out on people. It made me feel powerful. In some crazy way, it made me feel alive. I had a reason for living – I was upset! It wasn’t a fun way to live. Not at all.

I didn’t know it, but I was really hurting myself. I would use my thoughts to inflame my emotional body and it was really torturous. Why would I torture myself? The answer is easy: guilt. I felt I deserved to be punished for being unloving.

In my experience of this world, this habit of people punishing themselves with fanning the flames of their upset is the source of most of the unrest in the world and most of the suffering.

I realized that it was extreme unkindness to myself, fanning the flames of judgment and upset. I realized that it was totally optional. That was a life-changing realization.

I decided to be kind to myself. I decided to treat myself like someone precious that I truly loved.

Imagine if YOU stopped allowing yourself to be upset.

What if you really made a commitment to being non-judgmental moment to moment AND you forgave everything from the past as it came up to be healed?

Does getting upset really bring you ANY benefit?
Doesn’t it just make things more challenging?
What if you no longer allowed yourself to fan the flames of upset?
What could you invest that energy in instead? Your healing? Being truly helpful?

It’s really worth contemplating.

Forgiveness is the great anti-inflammatory! Forgiveness IS non-judgment. Forgiveness is Love.

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