Choosing Healing

September 27, 2014

While I’m in Greece, on the island of Andros, I have many hours sitting outside, working, praying, studying, talking on skype and contemplating the movement of the sun, water and clouds across this view. It’s always different and always beautiful. Being grateful for the beauty I see multiplies the good!

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One thing I’ve learned is that if I’d like to have a healing, I have to choose it. I must be an active participant because all healing IS at the level of the mind. It’s my thinking that created every difficulty I’m having, and it’s my willingness to choose a different thought that is going to bring a healing. I’m interested in healing!

At least 100 times a day we have an opportunity to complain or to be grateful.
Complaining will make our life more difficult.
Being grateful for things JUST AS THEY ARE will bring healing, expansion and enlightenment.
What do you choose? No, REALLY, what do YOU choose?

Being grateful is SO powerful and so healing. It’s true AND it’s not easy to believe. How could being grateful for getting in a car accident be possible? How could anyone be grateful for someone ignoring them or being rude to them? How could anyone be grateful that they can’t find their car keys and are going to be late to work?

All day long there are seeming little things and big things that make it seem CRAZY to be grateful for them. Yet, each and every moment is perfectly designed for the healing of our mind. Every single little thing and every seeming big slap in the face is perfectly designed to be our answered prayer. The answered prayer is contained in your ability to meet he challenge with Love, compassion and gratitude.

How do you choose to meet your challenges?
What does your choice bring you?
Healing or suffering?

Love is the healer.
NOW is the time to train your mind to choose Love.
Now is the time to become devoted to choosing Love.
That’s what my classes are all about.
Together we deepen our spiritual practice and activate our healing – sharing the benefits with everyone!

Let us receive the answered prayer with gratitude and awaken to our true identity as the perfect givers and receivers of Love and nothing but Love!

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We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter let’s other know? Thank you!

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