No Giving Up

September 29, 2014

Oneness Awareness

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There’s no “giving up” in God’s nature. There’s no “quitting” in the Life Eternal. I am the one who appears to quit and give up, but it’s only that – an appearance in time. At times, I have given up, and shut the door on God. For a time, I have. No matter how LONG that long time seemed, it was but a BLINK. It was but the time it took for a blind woman to see. And when the sight was INVITED to return I saw with utter clarity, I loved with utter purity and nothing had been missed but THE KNOWING OF IT, because God had not changed, will not change, cannot change and the vision remained in me, intact, as before.

I must always invite, and be the good innkeeper, homemaker, and hostess for inviting and re-inviting the Infinite Presence to sit at my table, live in my house–the temple of my being. I will always be rewarded no matter how long seems the absence. For The Beloved is always here in this house of mirrors and illusions we call “life.”

I must always remember that God is here, at my table waiting to be recognized, seen, heard, felt. If I knock at the gate it WILL be opened. If I whisper it will be heard and felt. I am the one who imagined a door that could be closed, not God. I ask to remember where to look and I’m told. I remember what has always been known and could only be denied, yet never forgotten. I am willing to own the truth of my own being.

A million minutes an hour God whispers to me to see what has been pronounced invisible, un-seeable, and unknowable. But if God was any of those things — even ONE of them — would I ever have had to work so hard to pretend I couldn’t find it?

Time is of no consequence to God for God didn’t invent time. I did. I invented time to keep me from knowing my eternal nature, but it didn’t last — as time never will. God waits for me. I am God’s own.
Today I own the relationship I have with the Divine, with all of life. I am in a spiritual relationship with life itself. I have never been alone, and will never, ever be alone. In the Oneness there is never aloneness, only Oneness. I have to deny the truth to convince myself of aloneness and I am no longer able or willing to deny the truth.

Every moment I Partner UP! Everything I do I do with the Presence and therefore every moment is important, healing, valuable, and sacred. In this awareness I am comforted and refreshed. I share this with others I meet today and there are now three gathered, then four, then five. In this way I bring more peace to the world, more love to life. I am God’s own.

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We’re waking up together and finding freedom in our hearts. I’m so grateful for this! If you find what I’m sharing is helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let’s other know? Thank you!

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