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September 19, 2014

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One of the things I loved in the class yesterday with David Hoffmeister at was when David said “It’s always your own lesson.” This is SUCH a beautiful and a practical key to awakening and expanding awareness.

It’s a real shift in perception to recognize that this world is for the purpose of our awakening mind. When we look at EVERYTHING as a lesson that’s helpful, everything begins to shift. When we realize each lesson is for us and for our healing, then we can accelerate our awakening beyond anything we ever thought before.

Does your mind look for a problem?
Does your mind look for what’s wrong?
Do you notice that you dwell on complaints?

What if you started to look at everything as a gift? Seriously – what if you looked at EVERYTHING as a gift. Even the most painful parts of your life. What if you were to accept EVERYTHING as a blessing.

This is the beauty of A Course in Miracles – we can shift our perception, we can release the beliefs and live in the unfolding Truth of perfect Love as our life and experience. It’s definitely a shift. We’ll all make the shift eventually. Why not start with cultivating the willingness today?

There really are no problems. There’s just an opportunity to remember the Truth that sets us Free from illusions of lack and limitation.

Are you willing to live a problem-free existence? Let’s start today!

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