Living the Love – No Matter What!

September 14, 2014

I think da Vinci would love it - what do you think?

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One thing I’ve learned from studying A Course in Miracles, and from being willing to Love no matter what, is that life will always present you with your answered prayer. It usually comes in the form of an opportunity to heal an old pattern of lack and attack and choose again. You can let it bum you out or you can let it be your trampoline to a higher level of awareness.

One of the many ways that this opportunity to live the Love and choose Love is to recognize that anytime someone judges you – whether it’s openly or “secretly” – you’re going to feel it. It will affect you. It will challenge you. You may feel irritated and out of sorts and not know why – this has happened to me so many times. Each time I learn a bit more and have increased clarity and compassion.

All is one.
All judgment is self-judgment.
All forgiveness is self-forgiveness.
All attack is self-attack.

I’ve been on what SEEMS like both sides of this experience.The greatest tool I have is to move into my compassionate heart.

Why judge the judger when I AM one with all? How can I attack and not feel that poison arrow in my own heart?

If I take it personally I’m making it real and adding to my suffering. Love, Love, Love, that’s all there is and all I AM interested in.>br>
If it challenges you not to take it personally then you’re being presented with a HUGE opportunity for healing – do EVERYTHING you can not to go into the old patterns of lack and attack. Muster every bit of strength you have to choose Love and compassion. The rewards are beyond description.

When you extend Love you liberate your self. How cool is that? Way cool!

Make the most of EVERY opportunity to extend Love!

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