Sincerity & Surrender

September 15, 2014

During the Greek Retreat we had fun doing Q&A on the bus while having adventures.

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In this world, it’s considered a great and good thing to be able to MAKE things happen. The world believes that if you can MAKE things happen you are good, better, best. Spirit knows something different altogether.

Spirit knows that the highest and best unfolds when we ALLOW it. The fastest path to awakening is to actively align your use of free will with Divine Will, sincerely. It’s an actor surrender. As it says in A Course in Miracles, Divine Will is the only will there is.

Free will is what we get to play with in the illusion. Free will IS an illusion. We can do as we wish with our free will, that’s what it’s all about. And yet happiness only comes from aligning with Divine Will. That’s what “thy will be done” is all about.

It’s so tempting to try to MAKE things happen. And yet, there’s no real joy in that. Yes, we can have a momentary pleasure or ego satisfaction from being “successful” at making things happen,” but what is that fleeting pleasure compared tot he eternal joy of aligning with Divine Will and ALLOWING our miraculous life to unfold?

It takes great sincerity and surrender of ALL opinions to really live a miraculous life. Most of us must learn to do this as we’ve been so entrenched in the ego thought system of making things happen or feeling powerless.

There’s so much power in sincerely aligning with Divine Will. There’s perfect Freedom in true surrender. It’s a gift that we get to share with everyone. Our choice to align with Divine Will means Freedom for all. What a blessing!

I invite you to consider where you seem to be trying to MAKE things happen and to consider shifting into calling forth the highest and best, aligning with Divine Will and allowing the miracle. It’s a different way of living, it takes getting used to and it is a path of ever-expanding awareness, activating unconditional Joy & liberation! Why not choose a miraculous life today?

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We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter let’s other know? Thank you!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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