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September 17, 2014

Making new friends on Andros. What a sweet soul.

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For the last week here on the Greek Island of Andros, I’ve been meditating with eyes open, watching the sea. I enjoy it here so much and in a way it feels odd to me. Having just come from Wiltshire, England, near Stonehenge where I was living for the better part of six months. In Wiltshire it is so lush and green and I feel so completely aligned and at home – it seems a bit strange to come to this place that is so completely the opposite. The island is dry, arid, rocky, and has so little greenery. It seems like the opposite of the Wiltshire that I love so much.

And yet, I feel so aligned and love it here so much too. Here’s what they have in common – they are both quiet and peaceful. The air isn’t filled with wi-fi and cell towers. It’s country living. Here on the island the food is “farm to table.” The farms are small, VERY small. Every tomato is delicious. Food isn’t irradiated or frozen. Old family recipes are used. The spices are fresh and grown locally. The french fried potatoes (chips for the Brits) are cut by hand from freshly dug potatoes.

The plain/tart flavor of frozen yogurt (which is my favorite) has one ingredient: Greek yogurt and it’s made fresh from the milk of happy cows that live on the island of Andros and are cared for with Love. Amazing! No wonder it tastes so yummy!

Now that the Living A Course in Miracles Greek Island Retreat is over and I’m catching up to myself as well as email, paperwork, etc, I’m having more time for stillness which is so nourishing for me. Each day I have a practice of being still, watching the sea, absorbing the sun, swimming in the sea, savoring each bite of my food and other beautiful aspects of my practice.

With the great stillness here, even though I’m still working the same schedule – teaching at least 6 times a week, I truly notice the difference of energetic stillness living in the country and that is the great gift for me of being here.

The stillness is my answered prayer.
God’s voice is so clear.
I’m here to listen.

It’s not so fun when the internet goes down (as it does over and over again, all day long) in the middle of a class, but infinite patience still brings immediate results.

I found that I could be perfectly still in Los Angeles. When you’re ready to listen nothing will distract you. I’ve learned that one. It’s possible to be perfectly still in the midst of mayhem and madness. God is always there, in our heart, where the center point of stillness is and always will be.

Be willing to be still and listen. God, your Higher Holy Spirit Self knows everything better than you think you do. God knows every desire, every prayer, every answered prayer and every bit of grit. When we are willing to LISTEN then the healing happens. God is always speaking. Let us listen now. I choose to be still and know I AM God that I AM.

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    Saying I’m Sorry
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