Surrender, Don’t Give Up!

September 18, 2014

I surrender in the Aegean Sea. Ahhhhhh.

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I’ve learned that this path of awakening awareness is one of constant surrender at the same time, I don’t give up. I give OVER the belief in blocks, limitations and attachments to anything and everything. Instead of thinking I have to figure everything out myself, I surrender it to my Higher Holy Spirit Self and ALLOW the transformation to unfold. That is HOW I have been able to transcend and transmute so much suffering. It really works.

It might seem like two opposing thoughts: Surrender, and don’t give up.

Surrender really means to give over to the Spirit while giving up means no longer holding the vision of a healing.

I used to CONSTANTLY imagine what could go wrong and try to block or prevent it. It was a real push-pull way of living and not much fun. I’d pour energy into preparing for what I didn’t want to have happen and then try to cancel it out. Ugh.

Now, if I find my mind going to imagining and preparing for what I don’t wish to experience, I get off that train of thought by invoking the Higher Holy Spirit Self to help me shift the old pattern. It’s always about choosing again. I am not interested in experiencing the past. I’m interested in experiencing Love, NOW.

I’ve learned to energize the ideal. The ideal is always Love. Love is our Freedom.

If you’re wondering HOW to stay the course and not give up, surrender is the way. Don’t give up, give it OVER. Give over the judgments, give them UP to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing.

All healing is at the level of the mind. Let’s ALLOW the healing now!

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    Saying I’m Sorry
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