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October 23, 2014

Touching the wall of the cave that was St. Francis’ hermitage.

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Being here in Assisi has been so inspiring. I know it’s because St. Francis and St. Clare were so inspired they have inspired millions, if not, billions of people and that inspiration is a living thing that is palpable here in Assisi. Did you know that when you go into a room and then leave, for at least 30 days scientists can easily pick up the photons that you leave behind? That’s right! You’re emitting light and it’s scientifically trackable! You’re leaving a wake of light particles! We all are.

Yesterday I made another visit to St. Francis’ hermitage – a cave in the mountain above Assisi – now there’s a group of buildings built up around the cave where nuns and monks live and hold vigil. The energy of inspiration is strong here and particularly in the cave. So many devotional people have visited and prayed, as I did, leaving their light to permeate the stone walls and atmosphere of this already sacred mountain!

St. Francis didn’t start as a saint – not at all. Like Buddha, he was born into wealth and was like a prince to his parents and his community. The charming son of a wealthy man. Francis went off to war, and it changed him, as war does. He saw the worst of this world and it jolted him into becoming a seeker. Then he found God and became a devoted follower and student of Jesus.

He chose a life of extreme denial, chastity, poverty, abstinence, and ultimately got his answered prayer which was to have the Stigmata. He was inspired by Christ and focused entirely on being what he believed was Christ-like.

Countless millions of people have travelled to Assisi to be inspired by Francis and Clare – two soul mates who loved the Christ and intentionally denied themselves all the pleasure of the body in order to focus on the ecstasy of spiritual fulfillment. The people who come to Assisi, come to be inspired.

Because people like Buddha, Francis, Clare and others have walked that road of extremes, we don’t have to. We can walk what Buddha called “the middle way” and discover our Christhood.

If we’re living for inspiration, it will be revealed to us and then we can inspire others to do the same. It is a walk of glory. From glory to greater glory! It is the way home.

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We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter let’s other know? Thank you!

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