Self-Love is Awakening in Our Minds

October 3, 2014

I love my sweet soul-sister, Regina Dawn Akers!

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Yesterday’s class with Regina Dawn Akers at was so great! I always love to connect with Regina – she’s such a practical mystical teacher and has a great sense of humor. You can listen to the class now on repeat and it’s well worth it.

Giving your mind the spiritual nutrition it needs to awaken is the greatest act of Self-Love.

Regina was talking about developing skills through spiritual practice and that’s exactly what it is. God skills. How wonderful that we can learn God skills and open our minds to healing?

I’m sure I’ll speak about it in class today – I’ve learned that deepening my spiritual practice is the greatest act of self-love I know of. I used to have so many excuses and I was so easily distracted.

I’ve learned that when things seem really difficult and it feels like it would be so much easier to give up. When I have felt like throwing a tantrum at God, I’ve learned to go into gratitude for things just as they are to declare that:

“I don’t know what anything is for! I’m willing to know, but I don’t know right now. Therefore, I have no basis from which to judge anything. I’m going to relax my mind and energize the highest best is unfolding even if I don’t understand it. Why? Because I’m more interested in the highest and best for everyone than I am in anything I could figure out for myself.”

That practice has gotten me gracefully through some really tough times without a lot of fear and suffering. In fact, it has gotten me out of fear and suffering. I have so much gratitude that I discovered the power of a spiritual practice. My whole life has changed. I’m so grateful.

Thursday & Friday this week: Would you like miracles of self-love? How about 2 free classes on the topic Miracles in Self-Love – with Regina Dawn Akers & Jennifer Hadley Check out my free classes available for you this week at

We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter let’s other know? Thank you!

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