Free of the Past

November 22, 2014

Feeling Free in Baja!!

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Although I sometimes find myself reviewing the past, the truth is that my Higher Holy Spirit Self knows no precedence and isn’t bound by circumstances of any kind. Spirit is not bound by the past. When I’m anchored in my intention I don’t slip into expecting the past to reoccur over and over again. I’ve learned that dwelling in the past is often related to remembering a past hurt and feeling afraid to repeat it. When I choose to energize that feeling of fear with my attention I’ve surely lost my mind. All fear thoughts are insane and make me feel crazy.

It’s crazy for me to expect the future to be like the past. Divine nature is unprecedented, not based on circumstances or experiences of any kind. Spirit is lawful and cannot be circumvented. The Creative Law of the universe isn’t bound by space or time and neither am I. And yet, sometimes I lose my mind and slip into thinking that I am limited by whatever circumstance I’ve given my attention to.

When I’m feeling fearful, judgmental, opinionated, offended, angry or upset it means I’ve managed to drag the past with me and hold it right in front of me as the focus of my attention. In that moment I’ve lost my mind. I’ve literally lost control over my attention and that’s why I feel like a victim of circumstance. In that mental state Freedom feels far away.

When I’m no longer interested in mentally dwelling in the past I AM free of past circumstances. It is then that I AM free to live in an unprecedented way, with an unprecedented future – finally experiencing true Freedom. I am available for quantum leaps only, and I do mean ONLY when I decide to be free of yesterday. I don’t waste time wondering how. I give the heavy lifting to the Holy Self and I AM free, right then. Praise God.

I’m interested in REAL Freedom. It’s my desire to live beyond precedence and play quantum leapfrog. It’s my strong intention to have a mind so facile, so present in the now moment that I am always available for transcending precedence and circumstance in order to love fully, create fully and celebrate the glory of the Beloved fully. My heart is free. I live in joy. I’m willing to let this moment be the best moment of my life! Yes!

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We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter let’s other know? Thank you!

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