Time, Space & Healing

December 2, 2014

The resort where our winter retreat is happening feels like such a healing place!

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There’s a myth that healing takes time. “Time heals all wounds.” Yet, anyone who has ever felt wounded in the heart knows that time has nothing to do with healing. Time is nothing. It is an illusion. It has no magical healing power. There are many things that we’re convinced “take time” but in fact, they don’t take time.

The illusion is that it takes time to change our minds. But changing our minds doesn’t take time at all. it takes willingness.

If we wish to understand the illusion of time and space and our relationship to it, we must look beneath the surface appearance and that’s what I’m going to talk about on my radio show today.

Let’s set our intention for the spiritual maturity to see beyond time and space and to have a complete healing! Our time is NOW! Love is a NOW thing! Love is our healer!

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