Have You Ever Felt Desperate?

January 13, 2015

We go within to rise out of the whirlpool of confusion

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In my journey I’ve had a lot of years of spinning around and not getting much spiritual growth – I made a list of how I used to feel – see if you can relate:

Do you feel there’s too much going on to keep up and so spiritual practice has been moved to the back burner?

Do you like taking spiritual classes, listening to CD’s and reading books as form of enjoyment, but never seem to make it to the deeper work on your own?

Rather than harvesting your lessons are you just pressing onward, feeling alone

Are you aware that your lessons that repeat and repeat – perhaps painfully so – and don’t know how to stop it or move beyond

Are you like me? Have you ever felt desperate to break the cycle and yet felt like you were being pulled down into a cycling whirlpool of reoccurring negativity – all the while recognizing that there are new choices, loving choices, and you can feel them, like lights twinkling on a distant shore – a distant land – and all you have to do is to begin swimming toward that land – to summon the strength and courage to head in that direction and refuse to give up? And yet it SO OFTEN seems easier to surrender to the ferocious current pulling you in the wrong direction? And then later there’s so much guilt and remorse. Sabotaged again! UGH!

I’ve experienced ALL of this more times than I could count. I’ve learned that hese are the crossroads of our life. And I’ve learned how to move through them and experience miracles – that’s what I now share with folks in my classes.

Sometimes I can imagine what drowning feels like. You might feel like you COULD fight it, but it would be easier to slip away into the vast rush of water and self-destruct. It can appear (like a mirage) to seem that this is no choice – the water simply over took you – the emotion over took you, the circumstances over took you – but you do know better. There was a moment where you gave up and you LET it over-take you.

Life feels like this sometimes – for some, it happens OFTEN. And, I’ll be honest with you, I do not want to STAND it anymore. This is why I share from my experiences.

What I believe is that we must summon that strength, that courage, that willingness and make a small effort – to apply our personal will to saving our life rather than let ourselves drown. Sometimes it takes tremendous will and in the summoning of that will is the making of us. That’s why I DEEPLY VALUE the support of a like-minded community.

Sometimes, even though it takes only a little bit of will to help us improve our life and yet we cannot be bothered. Instead we take the hit, the loss of dignity, the loss of self, the loss of integrity. We shrug our shoulders and say it doesn’t matter. We’ll do something different another day. How many times did I do that? Too many to count!

Here’s what a mother of two young children in Masterful Living said to me:

“I didn’t find the commitment to Masterful Living very difficult because I desire, so deeply, to heal and remember. The community is such a great support. The calls with Jennifer are so rich. It seemed the time was available to do the work simply because I wanted to and I am a mom of 2 young children so life is busy. Masterful Living was one of the greatest gifts I have given myself. I know that my healing also benefits my family and that feels like a bonus gift. I highly recommend Masterful Living, it is life changing in so many ways.”

One year ago she felt overwhelmed and insecure, lacking confidence in herself and now she has a whole new outlook on her life! WOW!

That little willingness is all you need to begin Masterful Living 2015 and get the support of a like-minded online community to really assist you in building some spiritual strength and shifting out of the confusion.

Masterful Living is for people who DO NOT feel Masterful – YET, but would like to! It’s designed for people who are interested in having a direction connection with God that feels consistent and reliable.

If you’d like clear, practical support in shifting the patterns of sabotage then my year long class Masterful Living 2015 may be the perfect thing for you – I always trust that you will know if it’s right for you.

As a Masterful Living 2015 participant you receive lots of support and you can have a program that really works for YOU. You get clear steps – so you don’t have to try to figure it out anymore.

Masterful Living 2015 includes in-depth classes on all these topics and more at no extra charge:

  • New Year’s Intentions
  • Stop Playing Small
  • Power of Prayer
  • Developing Intuition & Divine Guidance
  • Relationship Reboot
  • Healing Negative Patterns
  • Manifest from the Heart
  • How to be a Love Magnet
  • Building Trust & Faith

What’s your plan to improve the quality of every day of the rest of your life? IF you’ve been imagining a different life, and yet you’ve made no commitment to make the shift, no plan, aren’t you left just ‘wanting?’ Aren’t you playing small? Haven’t you already tried that way?

Give yourself the gift! Make the commitment to join us in Masterful Living 2015. If it’s right, you’ll feel it. Trust that!

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We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter let’s other know? Thank you!

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