Spiritual Practice Builds Faith

January 12, 2015

Let us rest in Faith - placing our trust in the invisible field of Love!

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It wasn’t until I set out to prove spiritual principles in my life that I found my deep faith. I uncovered it through working with spiritual principles as a scientist would. This is why we call it “spiritual practice.”

My experience of faith requires my knowing who I am and what is mine to do – not because someone told me, but because I found it for myself. Faith is part of the Kingdom which is within.

What I’ve come to realize is this – if I’m continuously seeking outside myself for happiness, fulfillment and joy, then I won’t be looking within the Kingdom. If I’m seeking outside myself then I’ll be placing my faith in the world, instead of in God. In which case, I’ll delay feeling truly secure, truly happy, truly peaceful. Why? Because my peace and happiness will always be based on things that are ever-changing. Only God is constant.

Through my spiritual practice, I’ve come to know that I truly am one with the infinite, supported and surrounded by love. I can never leave this place of security except within my own mind. My faith is evidence of that within me which knows the fundamental truth of life: I am a spiritual being; all is spiritual substance and always will be. God is constant AS ME.

With faith all things are possible.

It was a HUGE awakening for me to realize that I had been studying books on spiritual teachings and taking classes on spirituality – with the best and the brightest – and yet, I wasn’t taking it into my heart. I wasn’t TRULY living it. Why? I didn’t have true Faith. Now is the perfect time to end all suffering and strengthen your loving heart!

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