Stuff Isn’t Happiness

January 7, 2015

We call the angels to help us see beyond appearances!

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By now you probably are aware that your life is a spiritual journey of awakening to realize your true nature as being One with the One. However distracted we get, our path is always one of purification. In order to reveal our natural state of pristine awareness and purity of being we must shed all the false identity garments we’ve picked up, put on and valued along the way.

Joel Goldsmith, the inspired mystic who has inspired me so much, in his book, The Thunder of Silence wrote a beautiful prayer, “Reveal Yourself, Father, show me Your will. Never again will I dishonor You by trying to tell You what I need and then attempt to coerce You into delivering it.”

Let’s all release the habits of begging God for stuff. Let’s instead, be grateful for our God nature, value that and seek the Kingdom first.

Many of the attitudes, beliefs and habits that human beings value and treasure are actually intensely limiting and suffocating. The thoughts of lack and attack, the beliefs in limitation and separation cause such suffering in our human experience. Most are built upon judgments and opinions that will ultimately reveal themselves to be the self-sabotage that they are.

One of the most detrimental and distracting thoughts is that manifesting stuff will actually make us happy. There’s a popular illusion that somehow being able to be a great manifestor means you are very spiritual. The most awakened and aware people I know of lead very humble lives and have a remarkable sense of humility. They have no interest in accumulating things, but rather they cultivate a heart of gold, a mind that is as clear and strong as a diamond. These are the things that they can take with them from this life to the next. These are the things that are a great comfort in the darkness of night.

The awakening one no longer values praying for things. The Kingdom is within, know this and all else will be added unto you in your awareness and you will not want for things. You ARE the Kingdom, when you know this, you won’t need to ask God to give you the goods because you will know exactly what and where the good is. The Kingdom is within.

Today, I weed my garden and reveal God’s goodness as my very life.

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