The Wonder of It All

February 28, 2015

Waving at the whales.

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On my whale watch adventure here in Baja, it seems clear to me that I was getting good guidance last year to come and bring people with me. I can feel how powerful the energy of the whales is and what a healing presence they are on the planet.

Whales carry the “record keeper” animal spirit medicine. For me, it feels that they truly carry the energy of our pristine natural state. They’re toning can be heard for a thousand miles or more. They are definitely helping to support the healing of humanity and the balancing of the planet.

I feel like we’re here in Baja now to join with them for this holy purpose. We’re also here to let them know that we love them and care about their mission. We have the same mission!

It’s so joyful to see the babies jumping and playing and to see how the mama whales are teaching them. The mama whales are even encouraging the babies to take a closer look at us and to share their joy with us. How cool is that?

It’s truly healing and uplifting to be around them. It’s so inspiring to be so close to them in such a small boat. We’re focusing more on enjoying them than taking pictures. More to come!

The more I walk this road of healing, the more I realize that there’s so much value in sharing with nature and receiving the Love from nature too. Love is healing. I’ve learned I can sharing the healing power of love with a tree, a patch of grass, a brook and a bird. God is all in ALL.

Making a conscious effort to connect with the God in nature is surely healing!

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