Attached or detached?

March 26, 2015

Non-attachment allows you to feel FREE!

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I love the simple and profound teaching of Buddha about attachments. All attachments cause suffering. What’s an attachment? Attachments are craving, needing, and wanting. Attachments are also aversions, hatred, and dislike. in fact, when you think about it, that happiness that seems to come from experiencing getting what you want – is, as far as I can tell, really about no longer craving, needing and wanting – now you have it. The suffering has ended.

The illusion is that the suffering comes from not having, but it actually comes from the craving and the sense of lack that comes with craving.

Detachment is to have no interest.

If you’ve been listing to my radio show or my classes, then you know I frequently talk about my practice of offering my attachments – which is different than detachment.

When I notice that something is disturbing my peace, then I offer whatever it is – known or unknown – to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing. I say “I’m not interested in this anymore. I’m no longer interested in investing my precious attention and energy in this upset anymore. Please take the thought out of my mind and heal it back to the root cause so I never think it again – and let anyone else who has this thought have a healing also.”

It works!!
It’s that POWERFUL demonstration of my willingness.

Detachment is to have no interest, and I find that I AM interested in being present to my life, I’m interested in knowing what I’m thinking and being mindful. I’m not longer interested in suffering.

Sometimes people who practice detachment think it’s good to detach from their feelings, but I haven’t found that to be helpful.

I find it’s healing to notice my feelings, and to also notice that I AM not the feelings. The feelings are an energy that I’m experiencing, but they aren’t who or what I AM.

My feelings help me to be more aware and awake to my choices. I’m grateful for that.

I can detach from the thoughts that cause suffering, but that doesn’t seem to help me heal the root cause – for that I Partner UP with the Higher Holy Spirit Self and I let Spirit do the heavy lifting!

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