Ego Fights to Be Right

March 14, 2015

So grateful to choose Love!

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The ego is certifiably insane! How crazy is this: My dear friend offered me a gift certificate to get a haircut from her favorite hair stylist. She’d bought it in a charity auction and wanted to give it away and she picked me. Now, my friend has been raving about her hair stylist for years and I know she loves to share everything she loves. I’m the same way. We love to share.

I’ve had the sense, for a while, that she feels that her hair stylist is better than mine and would give me a better cut.

Here’s what’s crazy: The ego fantasy arose in my mind, that my friend’s hair stylist would give me a bad cut and that would just prove once and for all that I had the better hair stylist.

Of course, when that came in my mind I saw how insane that was! However, I can honestly say that years ago, I would have actually and actively HOPED for a bad hair cut to prove I was right. How crazy is that?

I used to buy into that ego insanity ALL the time. Especially when I was younger.

I used to cut my nose off to spite my face so often that it’s a wonder I have any nose left at all!

What I’ve learned is that INTERRUPTING the patterns is 98% of the healing sometimes. I see the insanity of the ego thinking and go the other way. I’m grateful, so grateful I don’t get sucked in.

Have you ever actively made yourself miserable with the idea of punishing someone else and trying to be right? Well, then you know what I’m talking about.

Are you willing to recognize, in the moment, when the insanity strikes, and go the other way?

Enough of Ego madness!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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