Free Birds!

March 23, 2015

I’m not interested in being caged anymore.

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I’m staying at a B & B in Salisbury this week and they have a pair of birds in a cage in the dining room. Yesterday morning I was contemplating the birds while I was having my eggs and I got so clearly that the symbol of the caged birds was in front of me to remind me that many people are choosing to live in a cage of their judgments and opinions.

No matter how many nice and distracting things they have with them in the cage, no matter how big the cage is, or how comfortable, it has no comparison to living in Freedom.

These birds didn’t choose to be caged.
They don’t seem happy in the cage.
Compared to their natural state, this is EXTREME limitation.

Consider, how are you like the birds?
I have lived that way, in a cage of my own making and decoration. I truly believed that the cage was happening TO me and wasn’t something of my own making. I truly believed that circumstances had to changed for me to get out of the cage and fly free.

I finally was willing to release my judgments, opinions and attack thoughts and the cage began to dissolve. My Freedom was available all along. I just hadn’t been choosing it.

Limiting thoughts represent limiting beliefs and cause limiting experiences. As crazy as it seems, we get to choose the thoughts we’re thinking. We do choose our thoughts, all day long.

Attack thoughts create limitation. Loving thoughts bring our liberation. We choose every minute and every moment we can choose again!

Will you place your trust and faith in your opinions or in Love?

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