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March 9, 2015

I’m enjoying the simplicity of sun and sea in Baja!

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Love can seem SO complicated. Relationships can seem so challenging. Financial abundance can seem so difficult. Health and being pain-free can seem impossible. It’s hard to believe that we actually present ourselves with these challenges in order to help ourselves remember how simple love is and how simple life can be.

Love is the essence of simplicity because it actually has no opposite. Love is the all in all. That’s pretty simple.

It’s the ego that makes things incredibly complicated.
It really is all smoke and mirrors.
All the complications are to distract us from the simple healing power of choosing Love.

Let us not allow ourselves to be distracted.
Let us allow Love to flow through our heart and mind so that we can experience the freedom that is our true nature.

It’s so valuable to consider the little things that we actively choose that make our life difficult and complicated. Most things that distract us and complicate our lives have to do with feeding the ego. So, for a spiritual student there’s a lot of incentive to eliminating the things that complicate our life.

Let’s start with asking what things are for.

A lot of times the ego will convince us that running errands and getting chores done will make us feel better. Getting things done makes us feel productive and that validates our existence. Doing things helps to make us feel like we’re not just losers. However, getting things done isn’t healing. Ever.

People put their faith and trust in the ego and so day after day after day they allow themselves to be distracted from healing by getting things done.

Being actively loving. Having a prayerful practice of living the Love and investing in moments of communion with our Higher Holy Spirit Self are FAR more productive and are ACTUALLY healing.

Complaining makes life harder.
Forgiveness makes life easier.

Love is simple.
Love is kind.

Kindness is a powerful spiritual practice.

Life can get a lot simpler really fast when you keep your focus on love and kindness.

Are you willing to practice today?

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