Trusting in Love

March 9, 2015

My faith is in Love! Victory is mind!

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Do you ever feel betrayed? Do you feel like you have wounds from betrayals that have never healed? Does it ever feline the wounds will NEVER heal? I understand! No matter how painful it’s been, the healing can happen right now. All it takes is a sincere willingness.

My learning has showed me that for so long I was the one who was untrustworthy.

I would make vows I didn’t keep.
“I’m not going to eat any of those cookies!”
And the next thing I know I’ve eaten the rest of them!

Then the thinking goes like this:

“At least now the temptation is over with.
That feels better.
What a loser I am for eating all those cookies.
Why can’t I ever just keep my agreements with myself?
What’s wrong with me?
When will I ever learn?”

And on, and on, and on.

I’m the one who wasn’t trustworthy.
Why wasn’t I trustworthy?
Because I was identified with he ego – the judger – and the judger, the ego, is never, ever worthy of trust.

Because I betrayed myself, people showed up in my life to mirror that back to me.

And the cycle continued and continued until I became willing to be faithFULL.

It’s a switch in th mind – this willingness – are you willing to place your faith in Love?
Or do you prefer your judgments and opinions.

Give it all to the Higher Holy Spirit Self and say: You decide for me! I’m all in for Love!

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