Body Harmony

April 16, 2015

I’ve got a puppy on my shoulder instead of an angel :-)

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One of my primary values is Harmony. I notice that I am inspired to bring forth Harmony, experience it and share it. When there are difficult and agitating circumstances, I send my mind to Harmony-ville and intend to expand that spiritual quality and the feeling tone of Harmony by amplifying and broadcasting it wherever it is that God has placed me in that moment.

When things aren’t harmonious, I notice it right away and place myself in a position where I can be of service. It hasn’t always been that way. Yesterday, I was on a couple of planes, flying from Los Angeles to New York to attend the A Course in Miracles conference where I’ll be speaking. (If you’re there, please be sure to say hello!) Sometimes on a plane there’s a crying baby. When a baby starts crying on a plane, I can feel people having an attack of aversions. I used to do that. Now, when that happens I call the angels to help and assist and it’s amazing how fast and well that works!

I do a lot of traveling and I notice that I sometimes feel vulnerable when I’m traveling. I feel that there are many people who are traveling for reasons such as family illness, divorce, death, and other things that are emotionally challenging. Lots of people are afraid to travel on planes. All of that emotional challenge makes other people feel vulnerable and afraid and I’ve learned that it’s a divine opportunity for me to be truly helpful and broadcast a vibration of harmony. I make an effort to be more attentive to the folks around me and smile more.

All of these practices of being more aware, conscientious, kind, generous, prayerful, they all contribute to a greater sense of my body harmony, and that brings me benefit.

A Course in Miracles tells us: To have, give all to all.

I am interested in Harmony, so I broadcast Harmony to all. Instead of moving away from people who are irritated or upset, move closer to them and see what benefits you can share to make the world a more harmonious place. Are you willing?

TODAY in my Living A Course in Miracles series of classes and our class with James Twyman is about self-Love and your body. (Click here to register now and get all 16 classes as my gift). How many of us really LOVE our bodies? I know very few people who are really grateful for and truly loving with their bodies. Myself, I’ve had a journey and it’s still unfolding!

If you can’t be with us in class this week – then you can always listen to the free replay! You do have to register – check it out and pass it on! – we’re getting our healing on! Please share with like-minded friends who might be interested in this free class series.

We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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