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Loving the Enemy Within - Jennifer Hadley

Loving the Enemy Within

April 27, 2015
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Mikey & I were playing Monopoly and Dixie dreams of getting in on the game!

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The ego can be so unloving and unkind. It can feel like an internalized enemy that very cleverly blindsides us with attacks of unworthiness and self-hatred. If you’ve ever felt self-hatred it might help to know that the ego is driving that and YOU are not the ego. You are the light of pure Spirit. Regardless of any and all beliefs of unworthiness, the fact is that you can NEVER be unworthy of the all good of God. It’s not even possible for that to be so – however, you can FEEL unworthy, despicable, and deserving of punishment.

Those feelings are produced by the thoughts of unworthiness that are magnetized into your awareness by your false beliefs.

What you think is awful about yourself isn’t YOU at all. When we identify with an ego self – a body self – a lower, selfish self, then we think we are that. That’s when we identify with the behavior and the feelings. However, we are not our behavior and we are not our feelings. Behavior and feelings are ALL generated by either Truth or beliefs.

Thoughts and feelings that are discordant and painful are the result of believing things that aren’t true.

Thoughts and feelings that are harmonious and peaceful are the result of being aligned with Truth, which IS Love. Truth is Love. Love is unconditional and so is Truth. That’s why they’re the same.

When you believe the stories of lack, attack and limitation then you’ve internalized an enemy that is out to kill you – literally. The ego is the mechanism that allows us to have the experience of death, disease, aging and suffering.

We can literally rise above the death and rebirth experience, the karmic wheel of samsara, if we’re willing to focus on remembering the Truth. Tell the ego the Truth. Put the I AM Presence in charge of your ego and you’ll be amazed at the results you can have! Love heals all belief in lack! Forgiveness is an active practice of Love. Forgive EVERYTHING and do it quickly!

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We’re loving ourselves FREE of ego attacks!

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