Releasing Body Complaints & Opinions

April 18, 2015

With Cindy Lora Renard and her mom at the ACIM Conference in NYC

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Yesterday in my Living A Course in Miracles series of classes our class was about self-Love and your body. The healing completely depends on our willingness to no longer value the right to attack the body and complain about the body. All attack is self-attack and when we attack the body we’re doing that because we think we ARE our bodies and we’re attacking ourselves. The result of self-attack is always going to be fear and unworthiness. What good is that? NONE!

Now is the time for us to live an unlimited and unprecedented life! We can do it! Recognizing the judgments, opinions, criticism and attack thoughts directed at the body is a deep spiritual practice. It’s DEEPLY healing.

You might wonder where to begin your healing.
You may wonder how to begin your healing.
Everything I shared in class yesterday in the free class will get you started – if you’re willing.

Be willing to live a joyful and abundant life of Love and the Higher Holy Spirit Self will supply everything you need! Go for it!

TODAY you can listen to the FREE REPLAYS of 2 of my Living A Course in Miracles series of classes. Check out the 2 classes with James Twyman and myself about self-Love and your body. (Click here to register now and get all 16 classes as my gift). How many of us really LOVE our bodies? I know very few people who are really grateful for and truly loving with their bodies. Myself, I’ve had a journey and it’s still unfolding!

If you can’t be with us in class this week – then you can always listen to the free replay! You do have to register – check it out and pass it on! – we’re getting our healing on! Please share with like-minded friends who might be interested in this free class series.

We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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