Why Kauai?

May 17, 2015


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As you may know, I’ve been on the Hawaiian island of Kauai now for two weeks. I first got the guidance to come to Kauai back in January of this year. My guidance was to come for an extended stay of indefinite length. At first, I was a bit taken aback. Kauai is an 11 hour plane ride from the east coast where my family is. That’s a mighty long distance.

At the time I arrived I knew only one person on the island. I wasn’t sure why I was guided here, I don’t often have a crystal clear understanding of why I’m guided and directed to go to any particular place. I only know that it’s for my healing and so that I’ll bring the prayerful healing energy that I always bring everywhere I go.

There’s something beautiful about being on a small island in the middle of the vast Pacific ocean and making prayers here, broadcasting them to the mountains and across the waters – it’s very powerful. I feel I’m definitely in the right place and I’m loving being out in the country. I’m loving being able to go for a swim in those clear crystal waters any day I choose. I’m adjusting to getting up at 4:00am and knowing that my assistant, Tina, on the east coast, has already been at work for a while. I’m adjusting to realizing that when it’s 3pm here it’s 9pm on the east coast. My radio show is at 5am.

Kauai is definitely a mystical place. The energy of Lemuria is very strong here and I resonate with that. I can feel myself re-calibrating. I’m enjoying being in a place of great beauty and serenity. The island breezes continuously blow reminding us to keep our minds free and clear of attachments.

I can also say that it feels very healing to have the temperature always between 72 and 85 degrees with a breeze. Every day there’s rain and the rainbows that come with quickly moving rain showers and sun alternations. Every day I see the waterfalls pouring down the mountains around me. It is heavenly. Did you know that the wettest spot on earth is here? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Waialeale)

Kauai is also where they shot a lot of the movie Jurassic Park – which I just watched again – FUN!

Aloha is the breath of life, the spirit of Joy and it’s the Hawaiian way. I’m sharing the Spirit of Aloha with you!

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