Living in Faith

June 14, 2015

Faith and trust are better than gold in the bank - they are the means of our liberation!

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Believe it or not, in every moment, we’re each choosing to place our faith and trust in something. There are really only two choices of what to place our faith and trust in. We’re either placing our faith and trust in Love or in the ego’s interpretation of the past. Yup, those are the two choices.

What I’ve become so grateful for is that, through my willingness to discover the highest and best, most loving choice in th moment, I’ve learned how to train myself to place my trust and faith in Love more and more often. That’s made a huge difference for me. In fact, it’s changed my whole life.

When I first began this practice in earnest, I had to work it like a bootcamp. It felt like a very intense training and it wasn’t easy. In fact, my experience was that it was excruciating. And that’s exactly what motivates me to share what I’ve learned – so that it won’t be as painful for others. I offer classes in this mind training because it was so difficult for me, and so often I felt so alone in it. I’m so grateful to be holding the space for others to do this work with me, in community so that we can go together on t his adventure and rise together in Love.

That’s why I started offering a daily prayer 8 years ago. So that we could be prayer partners and choose the healing together!

In each moment you can learn to train your mind to place your trust and faith in Love. It’s not easy. It’s not the popular choice. It may feel very difficult at times, and it’s always, ALWAYS worth the effort!

This coming week, starting on Thursday, people from all over the world are joining me in my Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp class and you can join with us if you like. Check it out. If it’s right for you, you’ll know!

Our life is for so much more than feeding the ego! That’s why I just did my free class called 7 Simple Steps to Interrupting the Patterns of Fear (click the link to register now). If you already registered you can get the replay and download right now. Click here to listen now.

My 2 class series from week 8 of Living A Course in Miracles classes is on Dissolving Anger, Living the Love It’s available for free replay starting at 12pm Eastern today and all through this weekend until Monday morning.

My video interview with Christina Louise as part of her summit series Your Best Year Yet is available on replay now – it’s all about How to Feel Good No Matter What.

All of these are available for you on free replay – please enjoy and please share with anyone you know who might be struggling with issues of fear, anxiety, worry and anger.

It’s a great weekend to enjoy some deep teachings and activate your healing! Go for it!

We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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    I AM the Answered Prayer
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