The Value of Transparency

June 25, 2015

I’ve been having fun with my mandala coloring books!

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One of the things I love most about my life is I get to have so many extraordinary conversations with people. When people are wiling to be so transparent and it’s absolutely healing. The healing happens right in front of us.

The ego is always hiding.
The Spirit knows it’s not possible to hide.
Hiding is a delusion within the illusion.
There are no private thoughts.
All minds are joined, because there’s only 1 mind.
We’re connected in the mind.
And so all is known.
Why bother to hide?
Who would you be fooling besides the ego?
Only the ego labels things bad and then wants to hide.
To release the ego – release the habit of believing you can hide and that hiding is valuable.

Let’s release all judgment and practice being transparent with everyone.

Being transparent doesn’t mean dumping feelings all over someone or blaming.
Transparency is humility and it comes from the heart.

We are heart beings. Let’s let our hearts connect. Therein lies our healing – through extending Love.

What a blessing!

Are you willing to practice being transparent?
Transparency is authenticity.
You are perfect Love – that is your authentic nature – why not let it show?

Of course, if you judge yourself to be less than perfect Love then you might want to hide.
Good news – even if you believe you’re something other than perfect Love, you’re still perfect Love!
Practice moments of transparency and see what miracles unfold!

I made a video about authenticity – you might enjoy it – take a look and let me know!

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