There’s Nothing Wrong With You

June 16, 2015

We’re busting out of the prison of false beliefs!

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One of the things about my life is I get to speak and share with a lot of different people – people from all over, with various backgrounds, experiencing different situations and challenges. It’s a very intense time right now – people are noticing that the intensity is not letting up, it’s getting stronger. For some, that means life is more difficult, and for some it means life is getting a whole lot better. It depends on whether or not you’re struggling to maintain or if you’re really growing and letting go of the past. No matter what you’re experiencing, please remember – there’s nothing wrong with you, no matter how challenged you feel.

Generally, it seems that there are two main groups of people—see if you can feel whether either of these is resonating for you:

Through my day to day experiences, I’m connecting with folks who are somewhat new to the spiritual path or who have been on the edge of it for a while – they haven’t really begun the deeper more committed work, and now they’re ready to do that.

Very often these folks are experiencing some sharp pains – life is throwing them some curves – and they are recognizing that this is an important crossroads for them. They can either begin to look at their life as a spiritual journey to reclaiming their Divinity or they can look at their life as a series of ups and downs, problems and random occurrences.

These folks are discovering that the acquisition of material goods isn’t as important as they thought it was. They feel really called to explore the Kingdom within and experience the “everything else added unto them.” For many, it’s a new way of operating and there aren’t a lot of models of how to do it – so, we get to discover that together.

The other group of folks are feeling called to do the deeper work too – they’ve been on the spiritual path a while and they’ve mostly been having experiences, collecting information, learning and studying, but the deep and life-changing application hasn’t happened yet. Now, they’re ready and they are discovering the methods and choices that work for them.

Developing a real dedication, a devotion to spiritual practice is something a lot of spiritual seekers resist. For many years I studied spirituality without having a really effective spiritual practice. I had a strong belief that there was something wrong with me and that pattern influenced every area of my life. I’m so glad that I had that experience because I learned how to bust open a negative pattern now matter how strong and intense it seems to be.

I understand that there’s a reluctance for many of us to go where friends and family haven’t gone before. There’s a reluctance to go down a path where we might discover that we will give up things we previously valued, or find ourselves doing things that are new and different. All of that is perfectly understandable and it’s definitely been a part of my life experience. I relate!

That’s why I offer the kinds of classes that I do. They’re designed for anyone, regardless of where they are in their own exploration – to have deep healing and transformation. After all, I believe the teacher is within, as well as the Kingdom. Your inner guide will direct you.

When people from either group ask me, “How do I get on the path right now? What’s my next step?” I recommend having a focused spiritual practice that is really effective at clearing out the negative patterns of the past. In fact, spiritual practice is the ONLY thing I know that IS effective at clearing out these patterns from the past. It really does work if you work it! Small steps bring BIG results!

If you’d like my help with this check out my Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp class designed to be like a rocket booster for your spiritual journey. Click here to learn more.

My next Finding Freedom class starts Thursday, June 18th. This is the summer of Freedom!

If you’d like some simple tools that really work to help clear out the patterns of fear – check out my free class called 7 Simple Steps to Interrupting the Patterns of Fear (click the link to register now – remember, it’s free). If you already registered you can get the replay and download right now. Click here to listen now.

Please enjoy the download and please share with anyone you know who might be struggling with issues of fear, anxiety, worry and anger.

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We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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