When You Feel Exhausted From Trying

June 30, 2015

Celebrating family with my brother, Michael

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When you want to give up because it just feels so hard, that’s how you know that you’re operating from ego rather than Spirit. Spirit doesn’t get exhausted, ego does. The ego is trying to push density (world of form) to MAKE things happen. When we’re identified with the Higher Holy Spirit Self, then we can ALLOW things to happen and experience ease and grace. Ego resists. Ego is afraid and reluctant. Ego runs all over town trying to make things work. Spirit allows.

To experience true Freedom, the highest and best in each moment, it’s a practice of allowing Spirit to inspire us to Divine Right Action.

For anyone identified with ego/body/small self it can be a particularly intense challenge to allow themselves to be guided to the highest and best choices. Ego doesn’t know how to allow. It only knows how to control, manage and manipulate and then give up when it feels so dense.

I’ve learned to be willing to surrender all discordant, unloving thought patterns. I surrender them UP to the Higher Holy Spirit Self for healing – I don’t have to figure out HOW to have a healing, but I must ALLOW Spirit to work through me and as me as well as in me.

Be willing to stop investing your precious attention and energy in unkind and unloving thoughts – the patterns of compare and despair – they lower your vibration and then everything feels more dense. Instead, replace those thoughts with gratitude and praise, appreciation and receptivity. These are spiritual thought practices and you can practice them all day long.

Allow the highest and best most loving and expansive experiences into your life by keeping your attention on ways that Love is revealing itself in YOUR heart. You can choose to focus on that if you’d like. You are a powerful being and your mind is the mind of God. Go for it!

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