Activate Your Joy!

July 1, 2015

I’m celebrating life joyfully!

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Many spiritual students ask me about how to live a more joyful life. Joy is a spiritual quality of God that is an aspect of our natural state. True Joy is unconditional – not based on circumstances. Joy is eternal whereas happiness comes and goes. One of the things that takes us out of our natural Joy-Full state is trying to figure things out.

One of the most demanding ego activities is the habit of trying to understand things. It makes sense that the ego would have to try to reason things out in order to understand them. Spirit knows everything and doesn’t need to struggle to understand things.

My invitation to you is to give up the habit of trying to make sense of things and trying to figure things out. What if, instead of trying to understand things you simply opened your mind to the I AM Presence, and asked your Higher Holy Spirit Self to give you clarity and help you to know the Truth? Give it a try!

When we’re willing to know the Truth it will be made clear to us.
Accessing the Clarity of the I AM is so much more helpful than investing time and energy trying to understand things. Try it and see for yourself!

When you stop struggling to understand things, and align with your Higher Holy Spirit Self you will experience life as lighter and more free – Joy will naturally be more available to you!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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