Rewards & Punishment

July 14, 2015

I AM receptive to true Prosperity

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Do you find that you ping pong back and forth between rewarding yourself for hard work and good behavior and then punishing yourself for laziness and bad behavior? Do you know what believing in rewards and punishment and using them as a motivator costs you? A Course in Miracles tells us that the ego rewards us with pain. Not much of a reward is it? Feels more like a punishment to me!

There are so many patterns of behavior that we engage in without really understanding what they cost us and rewards and punishment is definitely one of them. Many of us are raised with a system of rewards and punishment. It begins in our family, continues, at school, with friends, lovers, employers and seemingly never ends.

Most of us have internalized the rewards and punishment mindset and have no idea what it’s costing us.

Every time we energize the belief in rewards and punishments as a valid way of motivating ourselves then we’re actually affirming that there IS scarcity, when there’s not. Our human experience of scarcity, lack and limitation is the out picturing of our belief in separation.

If we didn’t believe we were separate from God then we wouldn’t experience scarcity.

When we have times of reward and times of punishment and perpetuate that belief system, then we’re really affirming that there isn’t an abundant source that is always the one and only Source of our Prosperity and Abundance. Get it?

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In the meantime, consider the ways in which you affirm and perpetuate scarcity through rewards and punishment in your day to experience and commit to stopping it!

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