Do You Have to Burn Your Bridges?

August 5, 2015

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This is a kind of addendum to the 3 part series I just did called “Go Time: There’s No Avoiding This One” that people found really helpful. You can read part 1 if you click here. In that series I talked about how we’re all on our unique version of the hero’s journey. We are each the hero in our own story. The same way that Luke Skywalker was the hero in his story, or Princess Leia was the hero in her story.

Sometimes in the hero’s journey, the hero wants to turn back or to give up. In fact, in the very BEST stories, there is usually a moment when the hero is ready to quit and sometimes that means turning back, trying to go back to the life they had. The fact that the hero has to go through an intense emotional struggle and find within them the PASSION and STRENGTH and WILLINGNESS to continue is absolutely critical to their having enough energy to actually make it THROUGH the home stretch.

In some stories the hero’s teacher, or the hero themselves, will actually “burn their bridges” so they cannot go back. They remove the temptation so that it’s a non-issue – they HAVE to go forward. They have no other way to go but forward.

Can you see how that might be playing out in your life?

I remember one point when I was in my 20’s and I had a job that I liked, but I really had a passion for writing and wanted to do that. It was so tempting to stay in the easy job and not be challenged – to know what to expect every day and to know how my bills would be paid. I was learning faith and trust. I was very tempted to settle for something less than I desired because I was afraid to go for it. Fortunately, the universe wouldn’t support me in playing small and playing stuck. The universe wouldn’t support me quietly giving in to a life where fear was motivator.

If you’re feeling challenged, stretched and pulled now, maybe you’d like to get some extra support to launch you through this time. To give you the PASSION and STRENGTH and WILLINGNESS to continue and make it THROUGH the home stretch. That means eliminating the fear so that you can think and feel and see more clearly what is your Divine Destiny. Perhaps my free class today will be a help to you!

TODAY: Register for my free live class today, 7 Simple Steps to Interrupt the Patterns of Fear.

I just did this class in June, but people found it so helpful that I am offering it again with live coaching. This time, I will be taking questions and applying the steps to real life issues, YOUR issues. I can already feel how expansive and supportive this class will be.
This class is structured as a preview of my Finding Freedom Spiritual Bootcamp so you can see if a program with classes like this is something that resonates with you. Register for 7 Simple Steps to Interrupt the Patterns of Fear now!

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