It’s GO Time – There’s No Avoiding This One – Part 2

August 2, 2015

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Yesterday, in Part 1 of this series I was sharing that “GO time” is here for all of us. This is a time of transition for everyone I’m talking with. We’re all transitioning out of struggling and surviving and giving birth to our very best life. There’s HUGE amounts of support in the invisible to help us successfully make this transition – it’s not an easy time – but we have to be willing to RECOGNIZE and RECEIVE that support. No matter how much support there is, if you’re not prepared to accept it and allow it, you won’t experience it.

It can be SO helpful to realize what kind of journey you’re on, and where you are in the journey. Here’s some help with that:

Think of the times in the movies when the hero has to let go of the past. Maybe it’s a relationship, a way of being, a thing that she’s become identified with, in order to express their true self – their heroic self.

In The Sound of Music, it’s when Maria realizes that she loves the Baron and she knows her happiness is sharing her natural gifts as a nurturer, wife and mother, not retreating as a cloistered nun. Maria has to do a 180 degree turn and move TOWARDS Love and relationships with people, however difficult that might be, rather than into the false sense of safety in seclusion.

In Star Wars, it’s when Luke Skywalker moves from training to use THE FORCE to relying upon THE FORCE. He finally discovers the power within him and knows his purpose. Now, he can be truly helpful to his people.

In My Fair Lady, it’s when Eliza Dolittle realizes that she IS a lady in her heart, and it’s her innate gentleness that makes her a lady. She steps into her true identity and has a thing or two to teach others about what an authentic gentleperson is.

In The Matrix, the shift happens when Neo has no way out of the Matrix and has to confront the enemy and possibly die there. He must access the strength of his own mind to win the battle and lead the people to safety. He has no other choice. He never would have guessed that he had that kind of clarity and wisdom within him until he was forced to discover it.

Can you see where you are in your own hero’s journey?

Do you see where you’re being squeezed and pressured into accessing your gifts, your true nature, and your greatness?

Your greatness cannot overshadow another’s greatness – it can only demonstrate what’s possible for them and inspire them to also look within.

If you hesitate to make the choices that are in front of you now, if you decide NOT to eject the spent rocket (as I was sharing in yesterday’s blog #1 of this series) which was your way of living and being that no longer serves you, then that old spent booster will immediately feel like a disastrously dead weight – if it doesn’t already feel that way (it may feel painful right now.)

I’d like to be SUPER clear here – making the change might look like leaving your job or your relationship, but it could actually be leaving the way you’ve been HOLDING IT IN YOUR MIND.

All healing IS at the level of the mind. That’s where we make the REAL change. Changes in form FOLLOW the change in the mind. Start there – eject from your mind the false, spent beliefs and attitudes that won’t let you fly.

Miracles happen in the mind.

Miracles are when we shift our thinking to align with our Higher Self.

When there’s a corresponding shift in your life, that’s not the miracle, that’s the demonstration of the miracle. It’s an important difference!

You are born to be miracle mind.

It’s time to live in your natural, miracle mind.

It’s time for us all, collectively, to stop playing small.

Collectively, we have to realize that we’ve got it what it takes, just like all those hero’s in those stories. Everything we need is hidden within us.

It’s natural for Maria Von Trapp to be loving and nurturing to the children, it’s easier for her than hiding out in a nunnery.

It’s natural for Luke Skywalker to use the Force, and he discovers that when he stops believing he’s not worthy and incompetent.

It’s natural for Eliza Dolittle to be a gentlewoman, to be kind and radiant, and elegant. She just needed the love, support and environment to be herself.

There’s a naturalness to your hero’s journey too.

You too can step into your miracle mind.

That’s what I’m going to share about in tomorrow’s blog – Part 3 of this “GO time” series. Come back tomorrow when I wrap up this 3 part series. Thank you for your loving comments!

We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at facebook and twitter let others know? Thank you!

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