Are You Guilty?

September 9, 2015

Babies are authentic and we think they’re adorable!

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Do you feel guilty if you tell someone what your preferences are? A lot of people feel guilty if they just let people know how they really feel. What’s that about? Often, it has a lot to do with harboring a lot of judgments that lead to uncomfortable feelings and then holding that in until it’s a lot of upset. A witches brew of guilt, shame, blame and resentment.

Guilt is a feeling that people have when they’ve done something wrong.
What could possibly be wrong with telling people your preferences?

What happens in our mind that we think our preferences are wrong?
I can sum it up in a word: SHOULD

If someone offers you something and you don’t really wish to receive it, the only reason you would feel guilty about declining their offer is if you feel you SHOULD accept it.

Have you ever had someone receive something you were offering because they thought they were obligated and then turned around and threw it in the trash or didn’t value it?

I’ve had both experiences.
I’ve been afraid to simply say “no, thank you” and accepted something I really didn’t wish to have and then I felt guilty and burdened. I’ve even eaten food I didn’t want to eat out of a sense of being polite. Have you done that too? Sure you have!

I’ve given people things they didn’t want and then found out that they didn’t want it after the fact when it was too late to get it back from them. I could have given it to someone else who would have enjoyed it. What did I learn? That person doesn’t like me enough to tell me the truth – or maybe it’s that they don’t like themselves? Or maybe they’re afraid of me? Hmmmm.

We’re all “guilty” of these things. Enough!
What about living in a world where it’s ok if we don’t agree and we don’t have to please anyone and no one has to please us? For me, that’s being authentic. Would you be willing to live in a world where people didn’t do things just to try to please you?

Authenticity is being transparent.
Authenticity isn’t telling people what you don’t like and dumping on them – that’s rude and unkind.

I find that if I can state my preferences without judgment then most people are ok with it. No guilt needed.

A Course in Miracles tells us “The acceptance of guilt into the mind of God’s Son was the beginning of the separation, as the acceptance of the Atonement is its end.”

Let’s get the guilt out of our minds and allow our individual preferences to be ok even if we don’t agree. Are you in?

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