Beautiful Vigilance

September 26, 2015

Me with my precious Mom!

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My mom wrote a novel called Eternal Vigilance. The title is where I feel I am in my spiritual practice. I am vigilant all the time for the thought that is unloving. I must still be vigilant because they still come into my awareness. I have learned to give them the boot as quickly as possible. There’s no place for them to land and take root in my mind anymore. I won’t entertain them and give them room to grow.

The more vigilant I am the easier it is to keep my mind clear. I’m cultivating a pristine awareness.

Think of it this way: Let’s say you’re at home and you’ve got the windows open to allow the breeze to come through. And on that breeze comes a wasp. You can do, as I have done, ask the wasp to leave and open another window or door to help it on it’s way.

Now, someone else might start fighting with the wasp and engage with it in some way. Another person might like the wasp and before they know it the wasp has invited friends and they’re building a nest.

Unkind and unloving thoughts are like wasps. One that wafts in and is gently asked and encouraged to leave is not a problem. Having a nest of them in your home will completely shift the energy of your entire life.

At first, being vigilant can seem like trying to rid your home of multiple infestations, but if you’re vigilant they’ll get the message and you’ll eventually get rid of them all. This is what I’m doing. It’s working!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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