Being Your True Self

September 5, 2015

No make up, just me - my True Self! Wrinkles and all

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Most spiritual students come to a place where they realize that they’re changing so much in the ways they think, feel and experience life that they begin to wonder who they will be if they keep going. I remember having a seminal moment like that.

I was sitting on my sofa in my home in Los Angeles and I was meditating. This thought came into my awareness:

Who will I be if I keep purifying my mind like this?
If I give up all my judgments and opinions, who will I be?
How will I recognize myself?
Will I just explode in a ball of light and disappear?

I felt my Higher Holy Spirit Self ask me:

If you did explode in a ball of light and disappear, would that be okay with you?

I thought about it – I felt it and my answer was:

If that’s what happens, then I trust that it will be the thing I desire most. I know that I only wish to let go of all these false beliefs in opinions and judgments – they have nothing to do with who I AM – who I REALLY am. I’m ready to let them go now.

I feel grateful that I had a chance to really face that question and make my decision.
Since that time, I’ve become committed to being my true Self and letting go of all the belief in a false self.

The false self is unworthy of Love and believes in lack and limitation.
The false self judges and compares.
The false self is always looking for what’s wrong and thinking that something else, somewhere else, or somebody else is better.
The false self is sickening and exhausting, depleting and always incorrect – hence the name: FALSE self.

That moment on my sofa, choosing purification, was a life-changer for me.

In this path of awakening and being our true Selves, it’s all about purifying our mind of the belief that we’re impure. Seems crazy, doesn’t it?

Ask yourself, what is it that your ego-mind values so much about believing you’re impure? In the answer you’ll find the root cause of every problem in this world.

We already are as holy as holy can be.
Let’s claim our divinity!

We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at Facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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