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September 25, 2015

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This summer I had an a very interesting experience – I injured my back from too much sitting and from sitting incorrectly. It’s been quite a learning for me. Apparently, for many years, my meditation posture has been just the tiniest bit over-arched (sitting up straight!) and because I had a lot of sitting while traveling on planes and in cars, in addition to a week of many hours of sitting meditation per day, I injured my back – the lower two discs. (Now healed, thank God!)

This was the first real injury I’ve ever had of any consequence. For a couple of weeks I was experiencing excruciating pain and then it subsided into intense pain and then occasional pain and now my whole body has mostly recovered (the nerves in my leg are still having a little bit of an issue).

I learned a lot and I’d like to share. The A Course in Miracles teachings are so clear about the body. “I am not a body.” I AM pure Spirit.

We are not our bodies, but we do have a body to use in this human experience. The elemental being that works with us to bring our body into manifestation travels with us through every incarnation. In each incarnation, our body is one of our greatest learning tools.

How we think about our body is often a great indicator of how we think about our Self, and how we think about God.

In my experience of pain, I was, of course, eager to get the pain to stop – at the same time I was asking, “what’s the pain for?” so that I could learn and grow for the experience.

On a physical level I did many things to and I also worked on a mental level – what I call “working in the invisible.” I believe that all healing is at the level of the mind. And, let’s face it, when you feel excruciating pain, you really just want it to stop!!

My intuition told me several things – rest, rest, rest. I couldn’t really find any position that was NOT painful, but moving was more painful, so rest was obvious. For two weeks I mostly laid in bed.

I tried massage, which helped the rest of my body feel better, but wasn’t good for my injury. I learned. Someone very knowledgable advised alternating hot and cold compresses. I had been doing hot, I added the alternating cold. After a few days, the cold felt so good, I did a whole day of just cold. It turns out the cold wasn’t a good idea, even alternating – only hot was best for this injury. Again, I learned.

Thank God for prayer and positive affirmations:
“I AM” the Omnipresent, all-Powerful Protecting Intelligence governing this mind and body and my world.
“I AM” Perfect health now manifest in every organ and cell of my body.
“I AM” the only perfect energy acting in this mind and body, therefore, every appearance of disturbance is instantly corrected.

By working with these affirmations I believe I came back into my right mind in the midst of the pain. It helped me to realize that seeing an acupuncturist would be greatly helpful and she WAS. Karu, my acupuncturist has been SO helpful. I also went to a chiropractor that didn’t help much, but then went to another who has also been extremely helpful. I also went to a chiropractor and an acupuncturist when I was in Maine last summer – they were very helpful also.

When I was in the worst pain I started taking advil and aspirin to help. I was taking 4 advil three times a day and four aspirin four times a day – plus lots of herbs and other things. The pain advil and aspirin barely took the edge off. That’s right, they barely helped and the side effect of the advil was that it was really hard on my liver. Something my chiropractor and acupuncturist both picked up on. (My chiro is also a brilliant kinesiologist. A good kinesiologist is truly worth having in your life!) I decided that I’d rather have the pain than the side effects. I’m a big believer in food (herbs are food in my book) as being medicinal. Many things helped and supported me – magnesium, for instance. I’ll share more about that in the future.

My chiropractor helped me to see that while walking was painful, it was good medicine and so I forced myself to go for longer and longer walks. He told me to avoid all simple carbs and sugars to help decrease the inflammation and increase my body’s healing capacity. He was so right about that!

As a result of this injury, I’ve learned so much I cannot possibly put it all in one blog, so I’m going to share about what I’ve learned on Friday’s for a while.

The body is the temple. The altar is the place where we meet our Divinity – in our heart. If the body is suffering, it’s a challenge to focus on our divinity. Honoring the body is the gift we give ourselves.

Ultimately, the healer has been the living presence of God that I’ve experienced in so many ways. I feel deeply renewed in Spirit. The whole thing has become, ultimately a HUGELY positive experience in my life for which I’m so grateful. More to come!

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We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at Facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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