Labeling = Suffering

September 3, 2015

I see reminders of the Violet Flame of Transmutation all around me!

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The ego loves to label people and things. Labels are an incredibly effective tool for feeling more separate from Love, Abundance, Wholeness, Freedom, Wisdom, Creativity, Harmony, Prosperity, Joy, Purity, Clarity and the ALL-good of God.

Learning to recognize the label as soon as your mind grabs one, and then offering that label to the Higher Holy Spirit Self – the I AM that I AM – for healing, is an amazingly fast path of healing. We were talking about this in my Sacred Circle yesterday.

Here are some examples of labels the ego loves:


Consider – there’s a big difference in the mind that says:

I feel tired
I am tired

I’m out of funds right now
I am broke

I feel sick
I am sick

In a sense, putting a label on yourself and others is a bit like “casting a spell.” For some people, the label seems to stick.

Do you know anyone who was labeled “angry child” and it stuck for years?
Do you know anyone who was labeled “stupid” or “unlovable”?

What are the labels that seem to have gotten stuck on you?
Have you learned all you can learn from them yet?
Are you willing to give them up now?

What are the labels that you stuck on others like a curse?
Are you ready to bless them now?

If we’re all one, is it possible to stick a label on someone that doesn’t also stick to you?

When you notice you’ve got a label ready to stick on someone – think again – do you wish to wear that label too?

Everyone we meet is our savior if we’re willing to see it. Get it?

We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at Facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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    Let’s Make An Effort
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