New Moon Intentions Are Powerful!

September 13, 2015

New Moon fairy blesses us all!

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website builders The New Moon has just begun as I send this out.

I find that it’s valuable to be reminded by the cycles of the moon. My Native American ancestors understood that the new moon is the time for planting new seeds of intention which we then can harvest two weeks later at the full moon. I love the reminder of these cycles!

This new moon I’m planting the seeds of Awakening in Joy!

I’m so grateful for my own increasing willingness to completely take full responsibility for everything in my life. Every day my willingness increases and so does my healing!

I thought I’d share with you a really simple and, for me, powerful and expanding ceremony you can do on your own or with friends. It’s the perfect time to do a new moon intention ceremony. It’s the ideal time to set new intentions in your relationships. New intentions for your personal spiritual practice are so powerful now. This intention setting requires your willingness and your attention – it’s so worth it!

Don’t allow yourself to be tossed about on the energetic storms that other people bring about – be intentional and teach your mind to focus. As it says in A Course in Miracles: “An untrained mind can accomplish nothing.” Working with intention can help to train the mind to remember to live in Love.

New moon is all about planting seeds that you’d like to see grow to manifestation. To me, it’s about purification of the mind so that we stay focused on God. It’s about celebrating that I can rise above feeling trapped by the past.

Right now, when so many are feeling squeezed by old negative patterns – here’s something helpful to shift the energy and have a healing!

Let’s get sacred!

I appreciate starting with setting of intention for the ceremony itself.
I intend to energize the highest and most loving intention.

Light a white candle
Have a glass of water.
You can consecrate your space with offerings of smudge and prayer.

It’s powerful to write out what what you’d like to expand into – focusing on expressing and realizing the eternal spiritual qualities that are our true nature: Love, Joy, Freedom, Peace, Harmony, Prosperity, Clarity, Creativity, Purity, Abundance, Wholeness and more. If you have friends with you, you may wish to share what you’ve written specifically or generally.

It’s nice to have a fire to place the offerings of what you’ve written in – a fire puja is always lovely – offering prayers to the fire as well as any writing – release it all! You can do that in a backyard fire pit, fireplace or a burning bowl.

Open your heart to what you’d like to call into your life. Set your intention for expansion and clarity, purity and joy!

More prayer, chanting, dancing, having a meal – these are all wonderful. Dance to celebrate your willingness to have a healing!

What a blessing! What seeds are you planting this new moon?

We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at Facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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