Resentment & Forgiveness

September 22, 2015

We can stop pushing density and open to miraculous healing now!

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People don’t give away that which they think they need. People don’t let go of that which they feel has value for them.

Therefore, it stands to reason, if you’re holding onto any resentments or grudges, any hurts or unforgiveness, you must think you need it at some level. In some way, it has a value for you.

We all can understand that holding onto resentment, bitterness, hurt and anger can make us ill and drain our energy. And yet, sometimes we refuse to give up the grievance. We really don’t know the extent to which the grievances “hide the light of the world in us,” as it says in A Course in Miracles.

If we could really allow ourselves to understand the cost of hanging onto our grievances, we would drop them immediately. We might weep that we had ever held them as a treasure in the first place.

Right now, today, on this day of the autumnal equinox when so much is shifting and changing, is the perfect day for us to change our minds and open to the highest possibility of Love in our life. Our willingness is all that’s required.

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