Shine Your Light – Jennifer Ruth Russell

September 15, 2015

Jennifer is in the middle between me and Rhonda Britten at the concert where she introduced the Ho’oponopono song!

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Back in 2009 I invited Jennifer Ruth Russell, one of my dearest friends and prayer partners to join me in the first offering of my year-long Masterful Living Course (next course starts in January 2016), and she stepped into her light as never before. It’s been beautiful to see all the many gifts she has shared with so many in the years since then.

If you’ve been reading my daily Spiritual Espresso for a while, you know that I love Jennifer’s music. If you’ve been on retreat or in class with me, you know that I play her music A LOT for it’s profound healing qualities!

Jennifer definitely does healing work with her music – and she is able to do it because she has gotten her ego out of the way! She is a living demonstration of how Spirit works THROUGH a person when it is allowed!

Jennifer is my guest on my radio show today – I trust you’ll find our conversation is inspiring – and of course I’ll play some of her music!

In the meantime you can go and get a free download of her Ho’oponopono Song at her website: – enjoy! I love this song and I sometimes play it on repeat for an hour at a time!

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