Activating Abundance

October 5, 2015

Abundance is an activation of the immaculate heart

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website builders There are two clear ways to activate abundance that have worked for me.

1. Being sincerely grateful for all of the blessings that I already have.

2. Being receptive.

When we’re grateful we’re literally magnifying the good. We’re raising our vibration so that we can see, hear, know and feel more clearly. This makes us more available to divine insight, wisdom, intuition and all of the the tools that lead us to be available to the flow of abundance.

Abundance is a flow.

Consider the word AFFLUENCE – you can feel the flow in it, right? It comes from the latin affluere which means to flow abundantly.

To be affluent means to be in the flow. In our mercenary, competitive, hoarding society, we’ve come to think that being affluent is about having wealth, acquiring it and stock-piling it. If you start shifting your mind about affluence and think of it as being in the flow, you’ll get it and start to feel it and then you can begin to resonate with affluence more fully. REMEMBER: Like attracts like. When you FEEL affluent, in the flow, you will magnetize to you experience and opportunity that keeps you in the flow.

How can you experience abundance and not be receptive? It doesn’t work. It doesn’t make sense. Being un-receptive is blocking the flow.

When people offer help, do you decline it?
Do you try to be independent – to your detriment?
In other words, could you use some help, but you’re not willing to ask for it?
Do you think it’s better to do everything yourself?

Do you think you SHOULD be doing more, but feel over whelmed by what you’ve already decided to do? If so, you may not be receiving from the Higher Holy Spirit Self – you’re feeling over burdened, perhaps, because you’re not receptive to both insight and assistance.

Only the ego thinks we SHOULD be DOING more. And it thinks that thought all day long, right? Does doing more ever make us feel more radiant, more loving, more alive? Not usually. Usually it helps only if we’ve been depressed and lethargic. Then, being of service and increasing our self-care can be really helpful. Our spiritual practice is to support us BEING our true self. Not being more, not doing more, but being our true self.

Many spiritual students aren’t good receivers. They prefer to over-give in order to get validation of how good they are. That’s not being receptive, that’s giving to get and it only becomes an affirmation of the belief that they’re lacking and need validation from the outside. Thinking it’s better to give in a world where all is one is insane. How could giving be better if all is one? What if we simply move into sharing? Sharing is simultaneous giving and receiving. It’s connecting.

Being in the flow of abundance IS being in the flow of Love and compassion without conditions and with ABUNDANT gratitude. Actively having a spiritual practice of being receptive opens the flow of physical abundance because we’re listening to divine guidance which will guide us to abundance if we’re open.

Gratitude is a spiritual practice.
Receptivity is a spiritual practice.

Deepen your spiritual practice, which always saves time from efforting in the world to MAKE things happen, and you’ll naturally feel more in the flow, more affluent and more in tune with abundance. Practice and demonstrate!

We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at Facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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