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October 9, 2015

Resting in the rainbow forest.

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Friday before last, I started a Friday series on Health & Healing and this is week three. Last week one of the things I shared is that I used to be bothered by the fact that I really needed 9 hours of sleep per night and if I tried to force my body to learn to sleep less I would just get sick. I felt all that sleep time was such a waste. I had to finally accept that it was what my body needed.

Then, when I began to really deepen my spiritual practice and do the inner healing work, I found I gradually began requiring less sleep. Now, I sleep between 6 and 8 hours a night with an average being 7 or less. I’m absolutely certain that I now sleep less because I’m not needing as much dream time to process things. I don’t have scary dreams anymore either. I used to have a litany of fretful dreams, so I’m grateful that’s not happening anymore!

Lesson: spiritual practice REALLY does save time and energy!

Back in 1997 I started to do internal cleansing. I began fasting on the Master Cleanse (you can get the booklet by Stanley Burroughs and it’s the best way to learn about it – I also encourage doing some research. I have a few tricks I learned and if people ask me to, I can write a blog about it). For years I did it 4 times a year, at the end of every season in preparation for the new season. I once did it for 30 days.

Often people would tell me “you should switch to a raw diet. Raw is better!” Twice I tried to go raw after a cleanse and both times I got a bad cold. The acupuncturist, the homeopathic doctor and the ayurvedic doctor all told me: “Jennifer, your body can’t do raw. Raw isn’t better for you. You have too much inner heat and so you need to eat cooked food.”

Lesson: Raw isn’t better for everyone.

For 7 years I was a vegetarian. I went full vegetarian in 1997 when I was teaching about nonviolence. It didn’t feel right to teach nonviolence and eat animals. I loved eating vegetarian. And then in year 6 I started having a dream that I went to Whole Foods and bought an organic free range chicken, took it home, cooked it and ate it.

I had that dream a few times and I had to realize, my Spirit was sending me a message about my body: get some meat, girl! I quit being a vegetarian and that felt right for me. I learned that even the Dalai Lama needs to eat meat once in a while.

Lesson: Vegetarian isn’t forever or for everyone.

I read Eat Right For Your Blood Type, and I’m a type O. O’s are the meat eaters. Ok. Maybe. I do know that my body doesn’t do well with lots of simple carbs. It likes whole grains, veggies, nuts and sometimes meat, plus lots of eggs. And bananas.

I love fruit, but my blood sugar goes berserk if I eat a lot of fruit. I do better with nuts and other kinds of things.

Right now, I’m feeling a call to go back to vegetarian. I’m really learning to listen to my body and I’m feeling GREAT.

I my spiritual practice I’m focused on waking up, ascension and transfiguration. So, it makes sense that my spiritual practice is helping me to be much more in tune with my bodies needs and that improves my health and well-being and that saves time in personal care and increases my personal energy level which makes me more productive.

Lesson: Listening to my body saves time!

What is your body trying to tell you?
It’s really your Spirit speaking to you. Wouldn’t you like to know what it’s saying? Are you willing to accept the guidance being given? Would you be more willing if you knew it saved time?

Instead of rejecting the guidance, I have found acceptance is the path of my happiness. Happiness is good! I like being the happy learner!

We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at Facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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