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October 25, 2015

Trying to figure out success with the ego mind feels like an impenetrable maze!

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One of the things I share about often is how much shifting is happening now and for many it’s happening really quickly. As you know, I also believe that we can truly become masterful and that’s it’s profoundly valuable to set the intention to become masterful.

Sometimes the idea of becoming masterful, starting where we are, can seem completely overwhelming. What I’ve learned is that we can take baby steps to deepen our daily practice and make REAL advancement toward feeling abundant, balanced and free.

Would you like to make a big leap in success or income but stopped by fear and self-doubt?
Do you feel ready to giving away your gifts rather than being paid what you’re truly worth?
Are you working harder, trying new strategies but not seeing an increase in clients or income?
Do you have a passion or idea but can’t see the path to getting out of your JOB and into your DREAM business?

I know exactly what those things feel like. Taking a leap by investing in yourself, believing in who you are and taking risks might be something you have no idea how to do. You might appreciate being part of a conversation of loving support around this very topic.

That’s why I said YES! when Cyndie Silbert asked me to join her divinely-timed Feminine Masters Series:

“Leap into Prosperity! 21+ Top Feminine Business Masters show YOU how to leap into a powerful, purposeful and profitable DREAM business.”

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Here’s what Cyndie would like you to know about her series:

On this F*R*E*E training series, you will learn the “feminine path to prosperity” (Guys, you could learn a lot too! The feminine MAGNETIZES and ATTRACTS) :

  • Unleash your feminine essence and natural self-confidence
  • Step into leadership by connecting to your divine greatness
  • Detach from the old paradigm of struggle and receive the flow of abundance
  • Access the quantum field and open your direct channel to prosperity
  • Connect to your body and increase your vibration in just 5 minutes a day
  • Receive the energy codes that program you for wealth and prosperity
  • Turn fear into exhilaration and results-producing action steps
  • Learn the art of presence and captivate your audience and clients (and discover why your presence is even more powerful than strategy!)
  • Master simple daily practices that activate and accelerate the flow of money
  • Align your authentic self with proven strategies to create a business that is both profitable and fulfilling.
  • Learn the secrets of attraction and intimacy to fully embody your feminine prosperity power!

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This series is designed to offer unique energy, wisdom and the path to prosperity, which does not include uphill battles and endless struggle. The feminine path to prosperity is organically flowing and sustainable, defined by things like truth, authenticity, passion and purpose – And, supported by winning strategies!

Empowered with the knowledge of how to shift into your feminine mastery, you will learn how to build a business that thrives on its own, pays you generously and is a true embodiment of your gifts.

This series is intended to inspire you to take yourself off the roller coaster and hamster wheel and set you on an epic path of clarity, the right next steps, strategies that work, and the confidence to build a profitable DREAM business so that you can live a purposeful and prosperous life.

Our feminine masters have taken many Leaps in their own businesses and now are here to share their wisdom, process, and inspiration with you – PLUS their best strategies and practices that lead directly to the path of prosperity.

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Class Today! Live Q&A – We’ve got another of my free Stop Playing Small Summit classes today, plus Patricia Cota-Robles class tomorrow. This series has been so yummy. And all the replays and downloads are available for you now. TODAY I’m doing the LIVE Q&A – bring ANY question on the topic of giving up playing small. Please take a look and if you’re Higher Holy Spirit Self knows this is right for you, follow the guidance and register to participate!

Click here now to register for my Stop Playing Small Summit. Won’t you please share at facebook and wherever anyone whom you think might be interested can find it? It’s totally free!

We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at Facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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