Trading Upset for Peace

October 7, 2015

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It seems to me that the #1 way people are unkind to themselves is that they ALLOW themselves to become upset. In fact, many people (I used to be one of them), thrive on being upset. They refer to themselves as divas and drama queens as though it’s badge of some kind. I remember feeling that surge of energy that upset brings and feeling enlivened and empowered by it. It’s like a cheap high that leaves you with a painful hangover.

Upsets come from attachments. The Buddha taught us that all attachments cause suffering and that attachments come in the form of cravings and aversions. Cravings are the things that the ego wants, needs, and lusts after. Aversions are the things that the ego hates, dislikes, and is repulsed by.

Cravings and aversions are both expressions of mental and emotional attachment to a belief, opinion and judgment. We become attached to the meaning we made of something. Our interpretation of experiences and observations and the judgments that we made about them become the attachments. All attachments produce suffering, every time.

Attachments drain our mental and emotional resources.
And because our attachments are actually mental and emotional hooks that tie us to thoughts and beliefs that aren’t true and will never be true, they keep our attention in the past, repeating the past, and re-experiencing the past. Hence, the suffering.

Since like attracts like, when we choose to invest more thought, more emotion, more attention in these attachments, experiencing more upset, we’re going to attract people and experiences of a similar vibration. We’ll also attract thoughts of a similar nature. There’s no way around this.

The healing comes when we move into TRUE FORGIVENESS which is what releasing the attachment to the judgment, the opinion, the interpretation and the meaning we made of things in the past. Then Peace has a chance.

When we’re emanating Peace we learn to value it and to realize that it is far more preferable to the cheap high of an upset. Peace is power.

I’ve had to learn to stop getting upset, and to actively choose Peace. I still have times when it’s challenging. I still get triggered, but so much less than I used to. I know the value of feeling peaceful. I know the value of no longer attracting a litany of difficulties that mirror my inner complainer. Phew! It has been worth every bit of effort!

Loving myself, being kind to myself, having compassion for myself is what I DEMONSTRATE when I choose Peace.

Being upset is COMPLETELY optional.
Suffering is optional.
Why choose it anymore?
If you are choosing it, be clear about why and what you think the benefits are.

Choosing upset is like smoking.
I was a smoker.
I was addicted to smoking.
I was addicted to feeling upset.

Getting upset was like reaching for a cigarette – I did it without thinking, automatically. There were hundreds of times when I would reach for a cigarette when I already had one lit that I was smoking. That’s how mindless I could be. That’s not loving myself, that’s sleepwalking.

This is EXACTLY what motivates me to share what I’ve learned and to support other like-minded souls who are interested in BEING the Peace they’d like to see in the world. My life has gone from managing problems to discovering the Joy that sharing true Peace brings. I AM grateful, grateful, GRATEFUL!

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We’re waking up together and I’m so grateful for that! If you’re finding what I’m sharing to be helpful won’t you please share at Facebook and twitter to let others know? Thank you!

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