Pride & Prejudice

November 17, 2015
Prayer for releasing all prejudice

Prayer for releasing all prejudice

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Pride & Prejudice is a brilliant book by Jane Austen. I’ve not read the book, but the mini-series on Masterpiece Theatre with Colin Firth is still an absolute favorite of mine. I love those Masterpiece dramas!

However, in my personal interactions with people when it comes to drama, pride and prejudice I know that they’re always providing me with opportunities to bring things to the light by bringing them to my LOVING awareness. I may not enjoy the upsets, but I’m always grateful to bring things to the light! Yay, God!

Cultivating a loving awareness is facilitating healing.
Love IS the healer because Love is our natural state.
When we return to Love in our heart then we’re having a healing experience.

All upset is a cry for Love whether it’s our upset or someone else’s.
Love is THE healing balm for a fitful world.

How do we end terrorism?

Love is the ONLY healer. Everything else is managing and coping.
Retaliation has never healed anything and it’s not that good at stopping future attack.

Let’s hold Love in our hearts for all.
Let’s begin with our own family.
Let’s take it up a few notches this holiday season!

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