Divine Justice

December 1, 2015
Divine Perfection is Divine Justice - I see it in this flower!

Divine Perfection is Divine Justice - I see it in this flower!

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It can be so tempting to judge many things in this world as unfair. The only way to have this view of unfairness and be correct would be to step outside of time and space and to see the root cause of everything and know what the Divine Purpose of everything is.

I’d like to be able to do just that.

I aspire to be able to see in all directions of time and space and know EXACTLY what everything is for. Me and Jesus, hanging out, and observing what everything is for, seeing the perfection in everything and everyone. Yes, I aspire to that.

In the meantime, I am still having a human perspective.
From this vantage point, it’s easy to judge and to think I know.
Except that judging brings pain and suffering and that’s not so easy.

So, for now, I prefer to say that I don’t know what anything is for.
I have faith in Divine Justice and that works really well for me.
I don’t need to take justice into my own hands and mind.
There’s no freedom in that – and I’m interested in Freedom.

Being a happy learner is much more preferable to being an irritable judger!

I’ve learned that judging immediately brings fear and I’ve learned all I’d like to from Fear!

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